Our Mission

"The mission of the Carroll County Community Foundation is to connect people, resources and causes to produce a positive and sustainable change in the communities we serve."

To express the underlying philosophy of the Foundation, the Board of Directors drafted a series of "core values" statements. These values guide persons who do the work of the foundation, whether as volunteers or paid staff, as they interact with donors, grantees and the community:


The Foundation will prudently manage the resources entrusted to it, maintaining confidentiality and seeking growth of resources.

Open Door

The Foundation will be available to all segments of our defined community.

Service to Donors

The Foundation offers opportunities to donors to improve the quality of life in their community by fulfilling their charitable goals.

Service to Community

The Foundation will improve the quality of life through leadership by building endowments that are directed toward meeting the needs of the community.


The Foundation, its directors and staff will hold themselves to the highest ethical standards and strive to achieve the best business practices.

About Carroll County Community Foundation

The Carroll County Community Foundation, a fund of the Community Foundation of Howard County, Inc. was created August 29, 1997, by action of the Foundation's Board of Directors.

That action means the Foundation now serves donors in Howard, Clinton and Carroll Counties. Carroll County operates through a "County Services Committee" comprised of Carroll County residents. This committee is responsible for asset development and the review of grants and distributions.

The committee receives staff and technical support from the Community Foundation of Howard County. In addition, representatives from Carroll County serve on the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

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