Fund Types: Designated Agency Funds

Helping Your Charitable Organization

Donors may identify one or more charitable organizations to receive an income stream forever. If at some time in the future the named charity is no longer recognized as a 501(c)3 organization, the Foundation Board of Directors has the variance power to select another organization with a similar purpose to benefit from the fund.

Existng Designated Agency Funds

Beta Alpha Chapter of Psi Iota Xi Fund
(for the benefit of the arts and education programs-Carroll Schools)

Todd Burman Memorial Scholarship
(for graduates of Delphi Community High School and Carroll Senior High School)

Carroll County 4-H Fund

Carroll County Buddy Bag Endowment Fund
(for the benefit of Carroll Consolidated Schools Buddy Bag program)

Carroll County Community Center Fund

Carroll County Religious Education Endowment Fund
(for maintenance, improvements and expenses for the Carroll County Religious Education facility located in Flora)

Carroll County Wabash and Erie Canal Fund

CDC Resources Fund for Children & Adults with Disabilities

Delphi Preservation Society

Delphi Trails Security and Safety Fund

Flora/Bringhurst Home Improvements Fund
(for repairs and renovation of existing properties in Flora and Bringhurst in Monroe Township, Carroll County)

Flora-Monroe Township Public Library Endowment

Flora United Methodist Church Fund*

Richard L. Funkhouser Endowment Fund for Delphi Preservation Society

Reynolds B. Hart Endowment Fund
(for ARC for Carroll County, Sagamore Council BSA, and Girl Scouts of Central Indiana)

Mildred L. Helvie Fund
(for the benefit of Trinity Lutheran Church)

M.E. 'Pete' & Joan Jackson Community Fund
(for the benefit of the Carroll County Historical Society)

Pearl Kennedy Fund for the Camden-Jackson Public Library

Lockport Church Endowment Fund

Irving E. Manning Memorial Scholarship Fund
(for Carroll High School graduates)

Joan McCain Scholarship Fund
(for Delphi Community High School graduates)

John R. & Joan L. McCain Fund for Camp Tecumseh

John R. & Joan L. McCain Fund for Carroll Co. Wabash & Erie Canal

John R. & Joan L. McCain Fund for the Kokomo Rescue Mission

Marshall & Patsy McCammack Fund for Care for the Poor
(Flora Presbyterian Church)

John McCormick Agricultural Scholarship Fund
(for Delphi Community High School graduates)

John & Mary McCormick Fund for Carroll County Community Center

John & Mary McCormick Fund for St. Joseph Catholic Church

Robert & Dorothy Mills Endowment for Delphi Preservation Society

Robert & Dorothy Mills Endowment Fund
(for the benefit of YMCA Camp Tecumseh)

Obear Fund In Memory of James O. & Emma Jackson Obear
(for YMCA Camp Tecumseh Camperships)

John C. and Doris M. Peterson Fund for the Carroll County Historical Society

Richard 'Dick' & Gretchen Roach Fund
(for the benefit of Oak Grove Christian Church)

George A. Schmidt NICHES Fund

Helen R. Skinner Fund for the Delphi Public Library

Katheryn Weinberger Fund to Combat Hunger
(through activities of the Flora Presbyterian Church)

Katheryn Weinberger Library Fund
(for the Camden-Jackson Public Library)

Don and Jean Willy Endowment Fund
(for the benefit of YMCA Camp Tecumseh)

YMCA Camp Tecumseh Fund

Young Family Fund Benefiting Carroll Manor

Ralph E. Zinn Memorial Fund
(for the benefit of programs of the Carroll County Community Center)

*Denotes a Legacy Fund

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