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Vital Transportation Reduces Isolation for Seniors

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Community Endowment Fund

Isolation is a concern for older residents, and a lack of transportation can compound the problem. Mobility is important as we age, even necessary, for medical appointments, trips to the grocery store, and staying socially connected through friends or church.

Carroll County residents who may be homebound or otherwise lacking such transportation often rely on the Carroll County Senior & Family Services agency, which provides vital transportation for seniors in need and the disabled. In 2020, the agency needed help to purchase an additional vehicle to meet the growing needs for their services in the community.

The demand had been growing monthly, greatly increasing the load on the agency’s existing fleet of six vehicles. For example, the agency drove 14,075 more miles in 2019 than 2018, and logged 765 more trips in 2019 than the previous year.

They turned to the Carroll County Community Foundation, which provided a grant that helped the agency purchase the extra vehicle that will be put to good use. It will now be available to take clients to appointments. The overall community also benefits from the agency’s transportation service. Local businesses can pay to display logos on the service vehicles, which provides a unique advertising opportunity not just in Carroll County, but even in adjacent counties while transporting residents to area appointments.

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