'Friends of Carroll County' Supports Carroll County Community Foundation

Donor gifts build grant funds available to nonprofits

Sept. 7, 2021 -- The Carroll County Community Foundation honored ‘Friends of Carroll County’ members at a dinner on Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021, in Flora, Indiana. The celebration event was to thank donors for their support of the community by giving through the Foundation.

Guest speaker Brandi Christiansen, president and CEO of Mental Health America – Wabash Valley Region, provided an update about MHA’s services available in Carroll County and funded by the Lilly Endowment Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) initiative. 

Christiansen said the number of people in mental health crisis has increased significantly since the onset of the pandemic. MHA has a 24-7 crisis line that offers crisis intervention, suicide prevention and emotional support. Call or text (765) 742-0244 for confidential assistance. The toll-free number is (877) 419-1632. Mental Health navigator services are available and will assist in creating a personal plan for individuals seeking help as they navigate through the mental health system.  MHA’s Brooks Center office in Delphi, Indiana, will open the week of Sept. 6.

Community Foundation President Greg Aaron updated the group about the Endowment’s GIFT match initiative that ends Sept. 30, 2021, or when the match is met. “Of the $500,000 that was available in match funds, approximately $17,000 is remaining to match,” said Aaron. “These funds will be used to award grants to Carroll County nonprofits that provide important programs and services to community residents. When the match is successfully met, there will be additional grant dollars for the community.”

With the match, donations to unrestricted community endowment funds will be matched $2 for $1 given. Donations to the Community Foundation’s other types of funds will be matched $.50 for every $1 given -- $.25 to the same fund and $.25 to an unrestricted fund. 

As part of the celebration, the Carroll County Food Pantry, Carroll County Religious Education and Carroll County 4-H were selected in a special mail-in grant drawing to recognize each organization’s worthwhile work in Carroll County.

The Friends of Carroll County was established as a way for people to support the work of the Community Foundation.

The Carroll County Community Foundation, established in 1997, is a not-for-profit charitable organization governed by a volunteer board of local citizens. The purpose of the Foundation is to serve the interests of donors, to make grants and to act as a catalyst around issues of community importance in Carroll County.  For details about making a charitable gift or establishing a permanent endowment fund to benefit a charitable organization or interest in Carroll County, please contact the Carroll County Community Foundation at (800) 964-0508 or visit the website at www.cfcarroll.org.

2021 Friends of Carroll County

Mr. Mark Abbott
The Andersons
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Atkinson
Dr. Janet S. Ayres
Mr. & Mrs. David Beale
Mr. & Mrs. Dick N. Bishop
Mr. & Mrs. William Bradshaw
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew A. Burkhart
Hilda & Kevin Burns
Community Youth Center
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Cox & Family
Ms. Becky Crenshaw
Judge & Mrs. Benjamin Diener
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Duff
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy S. Duff
Dr. & Mrs. Alvan Eller
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Fellows
First Financial Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Force
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Freeman
Giddens Trucking/Mr. Kevin Giddens
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Gish
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Groninger
Ms. Helen Hanna
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Hanna
Mr. Kenrick J. Harness
Hog Slat
Mr. Lyndal Hood
Mr. Andrew C. Huffer
Mrs. Denise J. Huffer
Mr. & Mrs. Teddy Huffer
Indiana Packers Corporation
Indy Spine & Rehab
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Ives
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Jackson
Dr. Amanda Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Larry K. Johnson
Dr. & Mrs. Harry Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kearns
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Kennedy
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Kern
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Klepinger
Mr. & Mrs. Mel Lowery
Mann Chevrolet, Buick, Geo
Mrs. Susan Mann Hitchcock
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Manning
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Martin
Ms. Bonnie Maxwell & Ms. Anita Werling
Mr. & Mrs. Steve May
Mr. Dan McCain
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon McCain
Mr. & Mrs. Joe W. McCain
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall McCammack
Mr. & Mrs. Colby McIlrath
Mr. & Mrs. Greg M. Michael
Dr. & Mrs. Greg D. Norman
Ms. Dawn Orem
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ottinger
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Oyler
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Packard
Mrs. Carolyn Pearson
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Pearson
Pete’s Pride
Mr. William V. Pickart
Pickens-Robeson Giving Fund
PTI Machining, Inc.
Mrs. Clara Rider
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Rinehart
RME Insurance
Dr. & Mrs. Carl Robeson
Mrs. Patricia Rodgers
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Royal
Dr. Wayne Salsbery
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Seese
Mr. & Mrs. Vince Seward
Mr. & Mrs. Eric B. Sheiss
Mr. & Mrs. Fred H. Slopsema
Dr. Carly D. Snipes Eastin
Mr. Jerry L. Sparks
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie Spesard
TDM Farms
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Tinsman
Ms. Cylvia L. Toy
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Waddell
Gordon & Shirley Wagoner Family Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wagoner
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Walton
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wandless
Mr. & Mrs. David Weckerly
Dr. & Mrs. Jim Williams
J A Wise Farms/Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Wise
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Wolf
Mrs. Lona D. Yeakley
Mr. Greg Yost
Mr. & Mrs. Jim L. Yost
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Zinn
Mrs. Mary Zinn

First Farmers Bank & Trust
First Merchants Bank
Fisher & Associates, Inc.
Horizon Bank
Indiana University Kokomo
Norman & Miller Eyecare
Security Federal Savings Bank

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