For Grant Seekers

2021 Grant Cycle for Strategic Grants and General Grants

We welcome grant applications from any 501(c)3 organization that is doing work to make our community a better place. Our staff will be very glad to work with you. For more information, please contact Emerald Blankenship at (800) 964-0508 or by email at

First-time applicants must contact the Foundation to discuss grant proposals prior to submission.

Deadline Letter of Inquiry:

September 17

Application Deadline:

October 8

Grants Committee Meeting:

October 22

Board Action on Grants:

November 17

Out-of-Cycle Grant Requests

Grant applications may be considered outside of the annual published grant application cycles in special circumstances wherein the applicant can demonstrate that –

a)  An emergency condition exists whereby delay in consideration of the grant could lead to the endangerment of life, property or continuation of services provided, or
b)  A time sensitive opportunity to leverage Foundation funds which will expire prior to the conclusion of a published grant cycle.

All out-of-cycle grants remain subject to all application submission requirements, including submission of a letter of intent, which should specify the applicant’s desire for out-of-cycle grant consideration and justification for such consideration. Applicants may be asked to document that the circumstances which have led to the submission of an out-of-cycle request materialized after the conclusion of the most recently concluded grant cycle, and do not exist due to the delay of applicant in submitting a timely application for consideration during the previous grant cycle. 

See Grant Guidelines

Strategic and General Grants Application

Rapid Response Grant Application

(contact the Foundation before completing)

Mini-Grant Application

(contact the Foundation before completing)


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